How to install Zune software on Windows 2008 R2.

Music makes the coding go better and I've come to like the way the Zune software organizes and plays music. So when I was setting up the machine for LLC (where I would undoubtedly be spending some hardcore coding time), I was disappointed to see that the Zune software refused to install on Windows 2008 R2.

Read more... LLC open for business.

I am officially launching LLC today, Labor Day 2009. This new business will begin by offering software installation consulting services for the Windows Installer and WiX toolset. You can read more details about the business on my consulting page.


64-bit MSI packages require Windows Installer 2.0.

File this tidbit under documented but cryptic and missing an error message. I was recently creating 32-bit and 64-bit MSIs using the WiX toolset. The very helpful -arch command line switch to candle made it easy to build for both architectures with the same codebase. Maybe a little too easy.


Burn packages, payloads and containers.

shipping containersIn my previous blog post where I introduced some of the features of Burn the question whether Burn would work as a single self extracting executable was asked a few times. The answer is, "Of course!" but there is actually more to it than that.