WiX Working Group video of the night, a flash mob case study.

During the most intense coding sessions (the kind where you code for 72 hours minus 8 for sleep) I often pick up a new artist who's music becomes the theme song for that project. A couple years ago, I was in intense coding mode whipping out the solution used to distribute Windows Vista electronically and was introduced to the Black Eyed Peas. Up to that point, I was not a fan of their work but when I heard the songs collectively it really grew on me. I picked up all their albums (4 at the time) and played it on continuous loop for the whole long weekend.

Recently, a friend of mine mentioned the Black Eyed Peas and Oprah were the target of a flash mob. She said the Black Eyed Peas performed on the Oprah show live in downtown Chicago. In the crowd were a bunch of people that had choreographed dance moves. I'm a bit fuzzy how many people in the crowd knew the dance moves and how many didn't but the result is pretty amazing.

When you watch the video pay particular attention how it affects the Black Eyed Peas. As the crowd gets into it the whole show lifts off. I expect anyone that has presented to a group of people before knows that feeling that when your audience really gets into the content. Keep that in mind next time you are watching a live event, you and the people standing next to you may be able to make it even better.

I also find a couple other interesting links. First, here is a video of dance practice in a warehouse. Second, this is another view of the dance from high above the whole scene.


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