WiX Working Group video of the night, Jonathan Coulton vs. Kid Beyond.

So for the last couple weeks, the guys have been asking for a "funny video". Earlier this week I tripped across this video via some random tweet. I knew it was going to be funny when I saw Jonathan Coulton was on stage.

If you are a geek, you probably already know JoCo. If you don't then you have to watch this rendition of Code Monkey (my first name actually makes a cameo!). If you find that video funny or representative of your life then you are a geek.

Now if you don't know who Kid Beyond is then you were not alone. I nor any of the other guys working on the WiX toolset knew of him. However, I can tell you after seeing this video then watching him perform live on YouTube, I ordered his Amplivate EP right away.

Anyway, that's enough back story. Check out the video. It's slow to get started but by the 4:00 minute the battle is on.

I'm also curious who do you thought won? JoCo's Super Mario Bros theme or Kid Beyond's Strongbad Techno. Personally, I have to go with Kid Beyond because right when I thought he was completely boxed in he came out with something even geekier.


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