WiX Working Group video of the night, battle of the local schools.

Happy New Year and welcome to the first WiX Working Group of 2010. We've been off for two weeks, taking some much needed R&R. Now we're back and it's time to get WiX v3.5 moving again. To kick things off, I thought this article about two local high schools was pretty cool. Especially, since it has videos in it.

So, since we've been off for a couple weeks, tonight I show not one but two videos! Honestly, you can't show the second video without watching the first. It just doesn't make sense. Anyway, enjoy the "lip dub" battle between two local Seattle high schools: Shorecrest and Shorewood. By the way, IMHO, Shorewood kicks Shorecrest's butt even though I prefer Shorecrest's music pick a bit more.

Shorecrest's video:

Shorewood's video:

PS: syncing lips to music played backward isn't at all as easy as you might guess.


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