WiX Working Group video of the night, infinite loop.

As you may have guessed from my cryptic tweets, I was in Cupertino, CA for a couple days this week. I spent the two days talking to a team at Apple about the Windows Installer in general and the WiX toolset in specifics. They already use WiX v2.0 for many of their products so I spent most of the time reviewing their .wxs code, suggesting improvements they could make now and advantages WiX v3.0 would provide.

The setup engineer I worked with for the two days, Erik, was a former Microsoft employee. On the second day, he wore a Microsoft shirt and we had a good chuckle. At the end of the second day, Erik and I presented the setup recommendations to the full team. Tim, the team's lead, seemed pretty happy about the progress we made.

At the end of the meeting, Tim said, "Erik wore a Microsoft shirt today which shows you can wear the Microsoft logo at Apple. So I thought we'd give Rob this hat to see if you can wear Apple logo at Microsoft." I thought that was awesome!

I thanked Tim and told the team, "It's funny because people at work are always coming to my office to ask questions. When it's a WiX question I'll often say, 'Wait a sec, let me put my WiX hat on'. Now I actually have a hat that I can put on!" Everyone laughed.

Tonight's video has nothing to do with any of that. Instead, it's a funny little clip about an infinite loop. And if you don't get it, go check out the tweet linked at the top.



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