WiX Working Group video of the night, Star Wars for those who haven't seen it.

I was raised on Star Wars. My Mom took all the good parts of Episodes IV - VI and incorporated them into my life. Thus it never ceases to amaze me when I find someone who hasn't seen at least the original trilogy. I mean seriously how do you make it through life just trying?

Of course, saying that, I should note that before my wife met me she hadn't seen Star Wars. We appropriately remedied that before Episode III came out in theaters. I'm happy to say that Jenny truly enjoyed the first three Episodes seriously upset when cliffhanger endings meant we just had to watch the next movie right then. She had no concept of what it meant to wait 3 years between releases.

Anyway, the following video just killed me. I wish Jenny had seen enough Star Wars to put together a tale as good as this one. Sit back and watch it. Amanda is funny.

On a related note, someone recycled subway tickets into Star Wars vehicles. Cool.


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