WiX Working Group video of the night, I see blue people!

Tomorrow my team at work is going to see Avatar. I saw the movie when it first came out with my wife and a couple friends. But at the time we just went to a normal showing without 3D. Since then, I've been told that the 3D version is a sight to behold. So, I'm kinda' excited that our team is going to the local IMAX theater to see a larger than life 3D Avatar.

Anyway, after walking out of the theater the first time I kept wishing that the movie had a "making of Avatar" option. I know that theaters are not DVDs but the geek in me really wanted an explanation of the CGI used in Avatar. It took a while but Gizmodo eventually found it.

Tonight, kick back and watch a 22 minute behind the scenes making of Avatar. I'm looking forward to seeing it again knowing how the movie was built now.


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