WiX Working Group video of the night, April Fools from Bungie.

I tried really hard to find a good video of an April Fool's Day video but came up short. Fortunately, Heath came through again with something far better than anything I found. It reminds me of the early days of the WiX toolset when Halo was a huge part of the culture.

It was the early days of Derek, K, Reid and Robert. Back then we would all get together at my house. We would work on WiX code until some time around 11 PM then someone would wander downstairs to boot the XBox. As people finished up they would wander down and the carnage would ensue. Usually it was Derek or Robert (whoever was playing at the moment) getting regularly fragged.

There was even a little bit of homage to Halo in the WiX toolset itself. Derek added a "-pedantic" switch to the compiler to check for pedantic things. Derek could often be pedantic and wanted all of the Office source code to follow suit. <smile/> Anyway, he was thinking there should be a couple different levels of pedanticness and asked if they should be named ("normal", "verbose", etc) or numbered ("1", "2", "3", etc). I think it was K who suggested "normal", "heroic" and "legendary". Reid seconded the motion and thus it was. The options were eventually "cleaned up" when the WiX toolset was going to be shipped with Visual Studio.

Anyway, let me stop talking and let the guys from Bungie take over.


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