WiX Working Group video of the night, Kid Cudi's presentation skills.

I've been presenting a lot lately. Presenting on lots of different topics with lots of different styles. On one day I'll present a slide deck that is more pictures of boats, space shuttle engines and cats than words. A couple days later, I'm present a typical text dense data dump that is common in Microsoft reviews where I squished 7 months of my existence into one hour (with questions). The first presentation got lots of smiles and thanks for the high level overview. The second presentation earned me much appreciated praise:

Just wanted to let you know that I loved the content and style of the presentation. Very informative, and the passion came through. I look forward to further deep dives.

So tonight I thought I'd pick a video that matched . I knew it was going to be a quiet night tonight since a bunch of people were going to be out for an early start to the long weekend. Thus there would be fewer people to disappoint with a non-funny video. <smile/>

@jack put me on to this video of Kid Cudi. I found the sound interesting (enough to buy the album after seeing this video) but what I really was impressed by here was his presentation. Watch his hand motions and how synchronized they are with the music. Oh and try to ignore the guy during the guitar solo. <smile/>


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