WiX Working Group Video of the night, attack of the drunk code monkeys.

As I'm sure you are aware, Microsoft provides free drinks. Since we gather weekly at Building 37, it is just a short walk to one of the kitchens on the floor when someone gets thirsty. On their way out the door that person will often call out, "Drinks?" Tonight's video of the night goes out to Eric St. John and all the other code monkeys out there.

When Fredrik called out on his drink run he got answers back like "Red" (aka: Coke), "Zero" (aka: Coke Zero) and "Beer!" The latter was from Eric who was apparently battling a series of particularly nasty WiX v3.5 bugs in Votive and needed a little help. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't stock beer in the kitchens so Eric had to settle for something a little less mind numbing. These monkeys, on the other hand, were all up in the liquor. Check it.


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