Problems sending email to wix-users?

In the last few weeks, more people than usual sent me email saying they could not send email to the primary WiX toolset mailing list: [email protected]. I do not know if settings changed on the SourceForge mail servers but here is what seems to be working.

  • Make sure you join the mailing list. All of the WiX toolset mailing lists require to you to be a member before you can send email messages. This basically eradicated all spam getting through to the list.
  • Wait for email to show up. The wix-users list is very active. If you don't see email the morning after joining the mailing list, you probably have not joined yet.
  • Simplify your email signature. Images and hyperlinks seem to increase the chance your email will be detected as spam.

Those three tips seem to work for most people so hopefully they fix your issue as well.

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