I disabled the WiX Toolset GitHub Discussions to stop a spam attack. I've reported the issue to GitHub. After they delete the ~750300 spam messages, I'll re-enable Discussions. Update 2024/05/27: Spam removed and GitHub Discussions have been restored.

I posted the bulk of my reflections on the WiX Toolset's 20th Anniversary on the FireGiant blog. I just have a couple tidbits to include here.

The first WiX Toolset ckae

It's a cliche to talk about the importance of relationships in business. Now businesses need to think about their relationship with Open Source projects and the maintainers that care for them.

Photo by charlesdeluvio

Originally a thread on Twitter about the xz/liblzma vulnerability, when I finished typing it, I realized I had a real world slice of Open Source interaction that deserved more attention.

Photo by Jason Rosewell

After a couple hours of experimentation, I think I figured out how to create a single NuGet package (.nupkg) to deliver both an assembly for managed projects (like .csproj) and a .lib for native projects (like .vcxproj). This allows me to deliver an API to MSBuild-based projects with a single nupkg.

A shipping container lifted through the air.

I just created the label oop-ba-unsquashed before squashing the last two months of coding into a single working commit. For the record, I was a fool for believing I could get this done in a week or two. Next stop wix5-rc.1.

A fire burning bright.

Year Forty Seven

Today I turn the page on another year. There were a couple of consequential events that as I look back, feel more like stepping stones than pedastals. Necessary but not sufficient. Let us reflect.

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