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The first WiX Toolset ckae

Twenty years maintaining the WiX Toolset

I posted the bulk of my reflections on the WiX Toolset's 20th Anniversary on the FireGiant blog. I just have a couple tidbits to include here.

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What could be done to support Open Source maintainers?

It's a cliche to talk about the importance of relationships in business. Now businesses need to think about their relationship with Open Source projects and the maintainers that care for them.

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A Microcosm of the interactions in Open Source projects

Originally a thread on Twitter about the xz/liblzma vulnerability, when I finished typing it, I realized I had a real world slice of Open Source interaction that deserved more attention.

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Year Forty Seven

Today I turn the page on another year. There were a couple of consequential events that as I look back, feel more like stepping stones than pedastals. Necessary but not sufficient. Let us reflect.

Deployment Dojo

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Debugging the Dojo
Debugging the Dojo
BindPaths in MSBuild in WiX v4
Finding Files using WiX v4
Configuration for the IT Crowd
Taking a Shortcut using WiX v4
What's a WXL?
What's a WXL?
The Path from WiX v3 to WiX v4
Let's Install Something Real
Refining WiX v4 Kata 0
Refining WiX v4 Kata 0