Engineering Posts

Tonight I'm doing something completely different. I'm not working on WiX. In fact, I'm not even working on one of my own projects.


Black hole for Referrer Spam

After the kids go to bed, I listen to NPR podcasts while cleaning up the house before getting back to work. Tonight I heard a story about a computer program used to trap telemarketers that made me laugh. The whole thing got me thinking about an old idea I had for dealing with referer spam.

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center,

Last week a report came out that there was a malware botnet spreading across Macs. The article caught my eye because I remember how Apple portrayed such vulnerabilities a little while ago. Do you remember? No? Here's a quick reminder.


Snack Apps

This afternoon Dare Obasanjo tweeted a link with a comment that caught my eye, "The rise of software as entertainment instead of productivity -". A quick warning before you follow that link: there are plenty of words in there NSFW. Expletives aside it triggered an interesting thought.