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Tonight I was late to the Thursday night WiX Working Group (where a bunch of us get together and slam out some code for WiX) because Zac and I were rolling out the first half of our changes to the live Windows Marketplace site. We split them in two because we start in the early evening and don't want to be up too late. Of course, I'm up all night Thursday anyway... but I was supposed to be writing WiX features.


Tired with two bugs.

I'm tired.

Recently there were some reports of problems installing Windows Vista from Windows Marketplace. I followed up with a couple people who were kind enough to respond and it turns out all of them were having issues installing the 64-bit edition of Windows Vista.


I think I've read about this...

For years I've searched out descriptions of life in a software startups to see how "the other half lives". As many of you know, my entire professional career (going on 8 years) has been at Microsoft. More specifically I've worked in Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft Windows Core. Those groups are probably the very anti-thesis of "software startup".

This is a blog entry that I've been trying to find time to write for the last week. Unfortunately, the push for GA-day has been all encompassing.


Windows Vista Countdown Clock

This morning, Jascha (who, sadly, has yet to actually make a public appearance that I can find a link to) sent around a link to a guy who has a funny way of saying that he's looking forward to the Windows Vista release on Windows Marketplace. I'm excited about the near future too.

Today we announced the project that has been keeping me very busy as of late.