Windows Vista Countdown Clock

This morning, Jascha (who, sadly, has yet to actually make a public appearance that I can find a link to) sent around a link to a guy who has a funny way of saying that he's looking forward to the Windows Vista release on Windows Marketplace. I'm excited about the near future too.

But what really caught my eye was the “Countdown Clock” in the top right corner. Turns out that the gadget came from Donavon West at Live Gadgets.net. So, I pinged him to see if he would let me host the countdown clock here and he said, “Go right ahead!”

I can tell you that all of us on the Windows Marketplace team are working very hard to the tick of that clock. We are having a great time and very much looking forward to when it all reads “00:00:00” and you can buy Windows Vista and Office 2007 online.