FireGiant Posts

I posted the bulk of my reflections on the WiX Toolset's 20th Anniversary on the FireGiant blog. I just have a couple tidbits to include here.

The first WiX Toolset ckae

The WiX Toolset v4 first release candidate is available now. If it feels like Preview 1 just came out, it did. WiX v4 release candidates are coming out about once a month now. Let's talk about what that means.

HeatWave and WiX logos better together.

On Friday, we announced not just one but two significant releases: WiX v4-preview.1 and HeatWave! I'm so excited to talk about both that I honestly don't know where to start. How about we start with the new kid on the block, HeatWave, before we talk about the end game for WiX v4?

The WiX Tutorial is one of the most comprehensive resources on the web to learn the WiX toolset. Ensuring this resource remains available and stays up to date aligns perfectly with our goals at FireGiant. For that reason I am excited to note that today FireGiant takes responsibility for the WiX Tutorial.

Today we launched a refresh of the FireGiant website. One driving factor for the update was Google's mobile-friendliness ranking adjustment rolled out last week. Our site is now responsive and should render better on smaller devices. But I'm most excited about the new FireGiant blog, Setup Matters.


Bob Arnson joins FireGiant

Over the last couple years, we hired silently at FireGiant. We quietly grew our team to provide the best support for the WiX toolset available. Today we did something a little different. Today we hired a giant in the WiX toolset community. Today Bob Arnson joined FireGiant.


FireGiant Turns One

Today FireGiant turned one year old. I wish I could say we had a huge birthday party. But the truth is we were making so much progress today that we totally forgot FireGiant launched a year ago. Honestly, the whole year has kinda' been like that. It's a lot like a video game.