FireGiant Turns One

Today FireGiant turned one year old. I wish I could say we had a huge birthday party. But the truth is we were making so much progress today that we totally forgot FireGiant launched a year ago. Honestly, the whole year has kinda' been like that. It's a lot like a video game.

I’m sure you’re wondering, “Like a video game what?” Think video games in the late ’80s and early ’90s. The age of the NES. A time before the Internet and before the World Wide Web and before YouTube. The only thing you knew about a video game was whatever you and your friends played through (or could read about in Nintendo Power).

Back then video games were hard. Limited lives or limited continues and, usually, instant death due to misplaced jumps were the norm. But still we played them until our thumbs were sore. Why? Because the next level or the next cutscene or the final credits were just one more level of mastery away.

At FireGiant, there are often a few days of struggle hunting down the root cause of an issue before finding the breakthrough that unlocks the puzzle. The satisfaction that comes from solving people’s problems reminds me of beating the boss in a video game. However, what we do at FireGiant arguably helps to improve our customers’ products a bit more than playing ’80s video games.

Maybe it’s a silly analogy or maybe I’m just a product of my youth (most likely both). But running FireGiant for the last year has been some of the most rewarding work I’ve ever done. And, honestly, I feel like we’re still very early in the game at FireGiant. I figure we’ve finished World 1-4 “but our princess is in another castle!”