Introducing FireGiant, dedicated support for the WiX toolset.

Today is the day we've been working toward since the new adventure began. Today it is my privilege to introduce the new company to you. Today FireGiant steps into the light.

For well over a decade, the WiX toolset has been built and supported by volunteers. The growth and acceptance of the WiX toolset is a testament to the fantastic work done by the volunteer community. I am very proud to be part of the WiX community.

But there are WiX toolset users and potential users that require more guarantees than volunteers can provide.

Enter FireGiant.

If you were interested in using the WiX toolset but uncomfortable with depending on volunteers to help you (especially during an emergency), consider FireGiant. At FireGiant we offer dedicated support services. Those services get you guaranteed answers and solutions by experts in the WiX toolset.

FireGiant also creates a positive feedback loop for the WiX toolset.

As FireGiant fixes bugs for our customers, the WiX toolset improves. As FireGiant implements features for our customers, the WiX toolset develops. As FireGiant answers questions for our customers, our publicly available documentation expands the available WiX toolset documentation.

FireGiant will grow the WiX toolset and growth of the WiX toolset will benefit the WiX community and FireGiant. It’s a positive feedback loop that excites me as both the Benevolent Dictator of the WiX toolset and the CEO of FireGiant.

So I encourage you to checkout the brand new FireGiant web site. Then get back to coding. You know I am because today, today is only the beginning.