FireGiant Web Site Finds Its Voice

Today we launched a refresh of the FireGiant website. One driving factor for the update was Google's mobile-friendliness ranking adjustment rolled out last week. Our site is now responsive and should render better on smaller devices. But I'm most excited about the new FireGiant blog, Setup Matters.

Before I talk about the blog, let me list a few of the improvements to the FireGiant website.

  • Responsive web design - as I mentioned above we moved to a responsive web design. If you are unfamiliar with the term “responsive”, on the web it generally refers to the process of using CSS magic such that a web page is easy to read and navigate on large desktop monitors, mobile phone screens and everything in between.

  • Breadcrumbs - today our website is pretty flat. As we add more information the depth of the webpages will increase. Adding breadcrumbs now

  • Footer - our previous footer was colorful, noisy and challenging to display anything but bright white text links. We wanted a bit more freedom so the footer color now matches the black translucent navbar.

  • Social icons - with the new footer in place, we decided to collect all of our “social identities” in a single place. Now it is easier than ever to find all the places to follow FireGiant.

  • tinySite - behind the scenes is staticlly generated website rendered by tinySite. I could go on for days about the functionality in tinySite but suffice it to say for now that the FireGiant website uses much of it.

Which brings me back to my favorite addition to the FireGiant website, the newly minted FireGiant blog, Setup Matters. But rather than talk about it here, I encourage you to go read Setup Matters, because setup matters.