Bob Arnson joins FireGiant

Over the last couple years, we hired silently at FireGiant. We quietly grew our team to provide the best support for the WiX toolset available. Today we did something a little different. Today we hired a giant in the WiX toolset community. Today Bob Arnson joined FireGiant.

Bob Arnson is the WiX toolset's second in command. He is second only because I've been working on the WiX toolset a few years longer. No one knows more about the WiX toolset and few people know half as much about software installation as Bob. At FireGiant it was always just a matter of timing and logistics before we approached Bob. Needless to say, we were thrilled that Bob was as excited to join FireGiant as we were to have him.

Personally, I've known Bob for a decade. I consider him one of my closest friends. To have him join me on this adventure that is FireGiant is a wish come true.

The crew at FireGiant is awesome. Today it just got awesomer.

FireGiant provides dedicated support for the WiX toolset. Ever wish you could get your WiX questions answered immediately with the technical detail that you find in the blog posts here? You can with FireGiant!

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