Thirty six plus equals two

After I reread last year's birthday update, I was struck how similar my life is exactly one year later. Thus incrementing last year's title seemed most appropriate. Today I am thirty six plus equals two.

If the opening strikes you as awfully familiar to last year, you'd be right. If turning 37 felt like turning 36 then turning 38 feels even more like turning 37. The limited resource remains time.


Last year I combined work and home. This year I'm separating them for one simple reason. Late last year my wife and I welcomed home our second child, Heidi Mensching. As I said in her announcement blog post it felt like Heidi completed our little family.

I basically took paternity leave for all of December. Sleep deprivation and the holidays would have eradicated anything that resembled productivity anyway. Before December there was plenty of anticipation for the pending arrival but generally the year progressed normally.


But the progress was slow. Slower than I hoped when I wrote:

This next year is going to be a big year for us at FireGiant. We totally hit our stride in the last couple months and now it feels like we are flying. My dream is that when we publicly turn a year old--FireGiant launched June, 2013--we will have more to talk about. My timelines are always aggressive so only time will tell how well my dreams match up against reality.

My dreams would not line up with reality. That was obvious at FireGiant's first birthday.

But we did a lot of things right. We kept our current customers happy. We brought on additional customers at a sustainable rate. We added a few more important pieces to the puzzle. In fact, today--on my birthday of all days--we may have secured a very important piece of FireGiant's future.


Which leaves me once again where I was on my 37th birthday but now a year wiser. Expectant.

We have a bunch of things to share with you at FireGiant. Some are small. Some are big. Some of them are already available for our supported customers. I hope all of it becomes available in 2015.

In the meantime, keep coding. You know I am!

Image credit: A surprise gift

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