Tired with two bugs.

I'm tired.

We missed the deployment date for all the new Windows Marketplace deployment mechanisms by a week. Pushed hard to make the date and didn’t quite get the stability confidence high enough to deploy Tuesday night. But we’re on target for our new date Wednesday next week.


Pile on the fact that there are still two v2 bugs open for the WiX toolset and there isn’t a lot in the “hear and now” to holler “woohoo!” Instead, we got to keep our heads down and keep working to get the job done. I’m very much looking forward to being done.

Anyway, if you’re using the WiX toolset, I encourage you to pick up the latest weekly release of WiX v2 and help make sure it all works for you correctly. The only thing worse than having two bugs open right now is not knowing that there are even worse bugs that still need fixing. <smile/> Your help validating the quality is appreciated.