Where in the world is Rob?

It's been over two weeks since I dropped an entry in here. I've actually had a blog entry sitting around waiting for me to finish that tries to define a bunch of terms that I use to describe things in the setup domain. Unfortunately, for the last couple weeks I've been working on blog entries of sorts for my PM at work describing all the code that I'm writing so that he can convert it into a document about the APIs our Testers should be testing. It's hard to come home and continue writing even more English about code or other technical details. So my blogging has languished. Honestly, I'd rather post all of the email I've been sending around internal here but that isn't really an option until Microsoft goes public on all this Dynamic Systems Initiative stuff.

That said if you are attending the Professional Developer's Conference this year then you can get a great overview presentation about the System Definition Model in this session. I found it amazing that the session has already spilled over and required a second showing. I've heard there are only about five sessions that have been that popular thus far. I kept asking if I could be sent to the PDC but have been told many times that I'm more useful in front of a keyboard. So, I guess I'll just have to wait for Bassam's report after the show.

Explorer has suddenly started wiggin' out on the machine I terminal serve into at work. I have to launch everything from the Task Manager and a cmd shell. Outlook also doesn't seem to be too happy about explorer being toasty so it looks like I can't send any more email to my PM tonight. I guess I'll just have to post another blog entry. <smile/>

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