Gibson speaks... I relate.

This afternoon I'm running over to the research buildings to hear William Gibson speak about something. Anything. Really, I don't care, anything. Gibson is easily my favorite author since my English teacher introduced me to Neuromancer back in high school. My teacher noted that my writing style was about as dense and cryptic as Gibson's (not exactly a compliment, but whatever).He also mentioned that I'd probably enjoy the themes in the book as well. Was he ever right (he was also right about my writing style, but whatever).

Since then I've read all of Gibson's books at least twice (except the latest which I just read a couple months ago) which is quite impressive since there are very few books (or movies for that matter) that I'll bother reading more than once. I even tried to give a nod in Gibson's direction with a previous blog entry.

Anyway, in the invite to this lecture today that was circulated internally at Microsoft there was a link to this story about Gibson. At the bottom there is a quote from Gibson about his last talk at Microsoft (which I also attended):

"At the podium, I couldn't help but wish I had known people like this when I was 19. They would have understood me. Life wouldn't have been so hard."

I know exactly what he's saying. High school sucked (save the time I spent reading Neuromancer for the first time).


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