Joining Marketplace.

As noted previously, there are some major changes going on in my life right now.

Click here to visit Windows Marketplace

Derek leaving Microsoft and the affect that would have on the WiX toolset was the first one I made public. This is the second.

It was two years ago this month that I moved from the System Definition Model team to the Windows Core Operating System Division (COSD). It has been a challenging ride but we did manage to build the new servicing infrastructure for Windows Vista. I learned a lot about the setup for the Windows operating system and refined some of my debugging skills. I also learned that I want to be more connected to customers than my role in COSD allowed.

So, it is time to leave. I’ve operated in the depths of the operating system for long enough. I want to get back to improving the lives of customers directly. I want to work on something that helps ISVs ship better software to customers faster. I want to work on a small team with huge charter.

In a funny turn of events, as I was planning to walk out of Microsoft, Stephen Walli introduced me to my future boss. At the end of November, I will be joining the Windows Marketplace development team. Once there I will be focusing on the digital locker and the “software distribution” side of Electronic Software Distribution (ESD).

Never before have I been so excited to get started on a new project. There are so many features in Windows Marketplace to enhance, improve and outright create that I’m sometimes not sure where I want to start. But best of all there is no speed limit. We have all been encouraged to go as fast as we can.

It all begins November.