Life without a computer.

I got married last month (yeah, yeah, old news). One of the agreements I voluntarily struck with Jenny was that on November 1st, I'd put the computer(s) away. I would also change my password at work and not update my smartphone so that not even it would keep me connected to the electronic world. Things didn't completely work out that way but besides organizing the wedding music on her laptop (we had no profession DJ, just a play list and a good friend manning the controls during the ceremony) and my one November blog post (that did make Jenny cry, in a good way), I was off the computer. On the honeymoon in Hawaii, I was completely disconnected.

The whole experience was very interesting. Lots of little thoughts that I didn't capture at the time and have flitted away now.

Tonight, via digg, I came across this article on PC World about a reporter that disconnected for 20 days. It rekindled a few of those little thoughts and expressed a number of them better than I could. Recommended read.

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