Zune desktop theme: Black is back (downlevel).

I've been doing a fair bit of UI programming (more on that later). Kinda' scary to think that they let me write code that draws pretty pictures on the screen. What's even scarier is that I'm actually having a good time with it. I think it has a lot to do with the kick ass designers I work with.

Anyway, I was sending some screen shots around to the designers on my team and Jascha (King of Designers for Windows Marketplace) commented that the progress bar should be green.


I chuckled and mentioned that my progress bar was orange because I installed the sexy new Zune desktop theme. I promised that the progress bar would be green when viewed in the standard Blue Windows XP theme.

Anyway, I just wanted to toss that out there because:

  1. I’m going to be posting some screen shots of some UI stuff I’ve done lately and didn’t want anyone to think the black title bar and orange progress bars were something I did.

  2. The black Zune desktop theme for Windows XP is freakin’ cool for machines that can’t run Windows Vista. I like Vista’s black better but Zune does it alright for the downlevel.

In the meantime, keep coding, you know I am.