The first day of the second year.

Yesterday was Jenny and my first wedding anniversary. It was Sunday so no work was needing done. We had few plans for the day. Only thing on the schedule was to exchange "paper" gifts (which we did in the morning) and go to dinner back at the Edgewater (which we did in the early evening). We finished the evening dancing in our living room to our first dance and other selected favorites.

The day was a beautifully crisp and sunny so while Jenny was out in the afternoon I went for a walk around the neighborhood. A quiet walk on a suburban trail where all you hear is the crunch of gravel beneath your feet can be incredibly centering. Rarely does anything profound strike me on those “days of centering” but often something interesting comes to mind in the following days.

This morning, as I was walking into work, I realized I felt more relaxed after that one day off than I feel after a three day holiday weekend. I then started thinking about all the personal holiday’s an individual could have on their anniversaries. Birthday’s immediately came to mind. Graduations were another.

I decided that none of those “personal holidays” mattered to me nearly as much as Jenny and my anniversary. What truly caught me by surprise was that a year and a day ago I had no idea just how much impact the memory of that day would have on me. I had no idea that November 4th would come to be overwhelmingly more precious to me than February 20th ever was.