The death of the comprehensive blog entry.

Since I started blogging years ago, I've always tried to write comprehensive blog entries. By comprehensive I mean blog entries that fully cover the topic of choice, are well organized and try to address all of the counterpoints that could be made. My intention was to create a block of information that could stand all by itself and answer any questions that might occur to the reader.

Since some topics were so long, I tried to create a series of blog posts that would tell the whole story. That never worked out as well as I had hoped because when I started the series the topic may have been relevant but often the current events moved the discussion beyond that topic. Other times I’d lose interest part of the way through the series and wouldn’t get back to it.

Since I want to enjoy blogging more and blog more often, I’m throwing out the idea that I’ll ever write a comprehensive blog entry again. That means if you read something here, feel free to send me a note (through the contact link) or leave a comment (assuming my blog server is cooperating) or even write your own blog entry (and trackback to mine so I find it). We’ll have a conversation.

Since I won’t be trying to write write comprehensive blog entries any longer, I’m going to entertain the idea of writing a book again. Seems like a book would be a much better place to capture comprehensive content anyway. This blog will be a stream of consciousness, a book would be well organized and try to cover the topic of choice fully.

Since I can think of nothing else to say on this topic, keep coding… you know I am.