WiX at TechEd 2007? Survey says???

Earlier this year, there were a couple people inside Visual Studio pushing for a breakout session and Birds of a Feather session for the WiX toolset at TechEd 2007. They approached me to ask if I'd be willing to present. I very much was. I asked permission from my manager to be gone during the first week of June (remember, the WiX toolset is still a side project for me). He whole heartedly agreed. The Visual Studio dudes submitted very nice proposals for TechEd sessions on WiX. They were denied.

Apparently there were a lot of sessions proposed for a limited number of slots. Apparently the WiX toolset doesn't rate when stacked up against all those other sessions. Now if there was an outcry from the community maybe we could shoot for a session at the next PDC. <wink/>

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