3 Jobs

So, I apparently took the month of July off from blogging. It wasn't an intentional thing. Time just flew by. I'd say I was busy. And I have been. But a lot of it is just comes from a lack of focus. Today, on this last day of July, that lack of focus will have to end.


Because today I started my third job. No, this isn’t my third job consecutively. I’ve had a couple more than that (especially if you count group changes inside Microsoft). No, today I started my third job in parallel.

The new responsibilities are technically officially 10% time leaving 90% focused on the future of Windows Marketplace and 30% time spent on the WiX toolset. Yes, that adds up to 130% and that feels about right. <smile/>

Why do all this?

Because it feels good to fight the good fight. This new job is definitely part of that. In a few months, I’ll let you know how it is going.