I quit.

So after 9 years of challenges and triumphs I have finally decided it is time to step away from Microsoft. I had a blast at Microsoft's Open Source Day 2008 (also told by John Lam) and after it all I felt like I had accomplished a lifetime's worth of achievements. It is now time to seek out new challenges.

I do plan to stay active in the WiX toolset while I search out that next opportunity. Maybe I’ll finally make time to work on that book about the WiX toolset that I always wanted to write. Yeah, maybe…

Anyway, to all those people that I worked with but didn’t get a chance to say goodbye, don’t be strangers. I’ll still be in the area and would love to see you. Wish me luck!

In the meantime, keep on coding, you know I am.

PS: You can now follow me more on Twitter.