Qik introduction.

This morning I finally posted my first set of personal videos online using qik.com. I had the qik invite for a week before posting my first video. It took a surprising amount of mental preparation to finally sit down and record myself talking to the world live. I lifted the phone up and stared into the little mirror on the back that tells me I'm in picture several times before putting it down again. I was actually nervous.

However, I finally clicked the "Stream" button and started stammering. Of course, I something had to go wrong so there are two videos to make up one complete thought. <smile/>

the red room

Expect to see more videos on this blog as I become increasingly more comfortable in front of a live camera. I'm finding it takes only five or so minutes to capture a thought in video compared to the hour or more I agonize over the keyboard.

Thanks to Bhaskar Roy at Qik for getting things set up for me so quickly.

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