When it changes it pours, again.

Almost two years ago, I took note that major life changes seemed to "get all bunched up together". I still don't understand the phenomenon but for the last couple months I've been living it again. Like last time I'm facing major updates to my life and my work.

house To the left is a picture of my house. I bought this house over five years ago and it’s been a great place to live for me. However, the time has come to sell and move to a new neighborhood.

It isn’t that I like the house any less. Quite the contrary. I love the location and its convenience to everything in my life. I love the quiet street and private backyard backed up against the greenbelt. I especially love the layout and space inside the house and will miss it all.

But this has always been kinda’ my house. I bought the house before meeting Jenny and had two roommates the whole time we were dating. They moved out shortly before we got married but we still unconsciously call bedrooms in the house “Peter’s room” or “Reid’s room”. Jenny still feels like she “moved in”.

So we felt like it was time to go find a house together. Of course, there were a great many projects to do to update our house and make it attractive in the competitive housing market. The interior and exterior were painted, the kitchen and bathrooms updated, the yard dressed up with plants and flowers and much much more. Our friends have been amazed with the changes and many people have said we packed 3 months of work into 1.5. It certainly felt like it. But now we’re done and the house is on the market. Which brings me to the second change that struck me at the same time.


Over the last six months my team has been undergoing a change in focus. Throughout the time I wasn’t sure if the new direction interested me. For the last few months I started thinking that maybe it was time to get out of setup and try something completely new. I looked around inside the company and even thought about going out on my own. That made my April Fool’s Joke this year particularly effective for the people that knew me well.

At the same time we were starting up a million house projects, I decided to get serious about finding a “new home” at work as well. Now feeling completely unsettled in all aspects of life, I started reaching out to friends across the company. Fortunately, a couple of those friends insisted I sit down and talk to their management to learn more about their project. After talking to a couple senior people on one of those teams, I became convinced I had found an opportunity that I just couldn’t pass up.

A couple people recently asked me what “9/2” meant. Its simple. On September 2nd, I join the Live Mesh team. I am seriously stoked.