WiX toolset bug count after January 29th, 2009.

We had quite a bug bounce this week. Most of the bugs were regressions from the last couple weeks of major work plus some triage by Bob and Candy through Votive bugs. Yet somehow we still managed to finish the night with a lower bug count than last week.

Again, kudos go to Mike for getting us back to 0 extension bugs. WiX v2 never had 0 extension bugs. Also, great effort on killing heat bugs tonight. I expect next week we'll just have a couple left for Jason when he gets back from his vacation. <smile/>

Sadly we've had a couple bugs show up in candle (bugs in the core toolset always make me sad). However, one fix is underway and have a query out to the Windows Installer team about the second (AppSearch documentation is painful). We did get an answer back on the final light bug so we'll be able to make progress there finally.




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