Definitely the end of the beginning.

Almost exactly a year ago, on the anniversary where I declared November 4th a personal holiday, I said I felt like I was "at the end of the beginning". Today I decided that I have definitely completed the beginning. On Monday, I start the middle.

Just like always, all the change hit at the same time.  In August, I did the work to start LLC. It took two years of talking about it to finally sit down and make the company really happen. Little did I know that a few days later in September that I would decide to leave the Live Mesh team.

No, I did not decide to leave Microsoft. No, I'm not saying where I'm going yet. Suffice it to say that today was my last day on Live Mesh and on Monday I will take on new yet familiar challenges.

Now don't take my decision to think there is anything wrong with Live Mesh. The team there was good. An opportunity just came up that looked like a fantastic opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Oh, and did I mention I got started and completed my first contract work under LLC while all this was going? Yeah.

Anyway, so now you know why I went dark.exe for a while. All is well. I'm looking forward to November 4th where I'll spend the day walking around the neighborhood reflecting on the last year and the year to come.

In the meantime, keep coding. You know I am. <smile/>


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