The sandwiches aren't free but the videos still are.

A while ago I started talking about culture around the WiX toolset. I started (and ended) with turtles all the way down which was an early part of the WiX culture. A more recent addition to our culture (added in the last year or so) are the videos.

Each week I try to bring some video that is funny or interesting or relevant to some topic we discussed. Some weeks I don't have anything but more often than not I do. Most of the times, the members attending that night find the video appropriately funny or interesting. Sometimes I'm the only one laughing.

For some reason, it took a night (tonight) when I am not attending the WiX Working Group meeting (due to conflicting engagement) to think about posting the weekly video here. So tonight I'm posting the video I showed first.

The music caught my attention first. I also thought the visuals were very cool, particularly the floating videos. Finally, the dude has some serious moves. A very cool commercial indeed.

The other version is similarly cool. Next week, I'll have something new.


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