WiX v3.5 status or the lack thereof.

There was a comment on my WiX toolset bug count entry asking about the status of WiX v3.5 and more importantly the bootstrapper often referred to as Burn. The short answer is there is no status to report. Work on WiX v3.5 has not started in earnest because we are all focused on addressing the bugs in WiX v3.

Each week I hope we can finally turn our attention to creating the much needed WiX toolset bootstrapper. But each week our bug count has inched back up and it takes a concerted effort to get the count back down. Trust me, I’m excited to get into Burn. However, our first responsibility is to ship a high quality WiX v3 and then deliver a kick ass bootstrapper in WiX v3.5.

In the meantime, keep on coding. You know I am.