WiX toolset bug count after March 26th, 2009.

I skipped the progress report for the WiX toolset last week and had a couple people ask about the count. So I guess a couple people are finding this data useful. Anyway, the short answer is that the bug count is down from 26 two weeks ago but steady from last week at 22.

In this case, I’m talking about handling fallback languages with .wxl files in MSBuild. Hopefully next week the solution will be functional.

Second, Jason has turned his attention on the Votive backlog and we’re starting to see those bugs drop. We even had a surprise visit by Justin tonight and he’s started looking into the VS2005 integration issues. If all continues, Votive will be in very good shape in a month or three.

Sadly, this was likely Bob’s last meeting with us in Redmond before he heads off to Boston. While his presence here will definitely be missed, I am excited to see how “WiX East” develops. I’m also hoping with Bob remote we can get a bit more data about how to distribute culture.

In the meantime, keep coding… you know we are.