Sounders FC practice in our yard.

If you follow me on Twitter (@robmen), you know I've become a huge Seattle Sounders FC fan. I haven't played soccer since I was a kid but after K invited Jenny and I to a match early this season we became hooked. Now we're season ticket holders (jumped in when they opened more seats mid-season) and follow away games regularly.

Today (er, technically, yesterday) the Sounders came to practice on "the yard" at MicrosoftPeter, K and I had unfettered viewing of the whole thing.

Here are some personal highlights:

  • Watching something like 16 players split in two teams pass the ball around in such a tiny space before warming up.
  • Watching Sigi stalk around calmly watching and directing. After being congratulated by the President.
  • Watching Freddy Montero warm up with the ball. Amazingly effortless footwork.
  • Hearing the voices and, more interestingly, the accents of the players. They are essentially silent from my perch the stands.
  • Hearing Keller yell out short snippets of Spanish to direct Freddy. English for everyone else.
  • Watching Freddie Ljungberg move the ball down the field. He really is brilliant at moving and placing the ball.
  • Watching Keller get scored on then holler, "Awwww, shhhhhh--oot." He kept it family friendly in the last syllable. Heh.
  • Having Nate Jaqua sign my Sounders FC scarf! I like the way Jaqua plays.

Anyway, it was a fantastic way to spend a couple hours this morning.


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