Trick or treat, WiX v3.5 Release Candidate.

This morning we released WiX v3.5.2229.0 as the Release Candidate for WiX v3.5!

After I wrote the state of the WiX toolset in October, the team re-focused our efforts and worked the bug count down to 5. That definitely puts us in striking distance for a Production Release of WiX v3.5 at the end of the year.

After writing the about the attention split WiX v3.5 and v3.6 were causing, I decided to let Burn idle for a bit and attack v3.5 bugs to help Eric. Mike and Fredrik joined in and three weeks later we ended with 3 doc issues and 2 COM+ custom action bugs. I still can’t believe we have so few bugs left.

Now we need your help. Install WiX v3.5. File any bugs you find. We’re looking for the showstopper issues that would prevent us from calling WiX v3.5 done. We want to be done but we don’t want to miss something important. So, pick up the latest release and try it out.

Oh, and keep coding… you know we are!