WiX v3.5 now escrow. Production release imminent.

Today, Thanksgiving Day, we are declaring the WiX v3.5 in escrow. If you follow my twitter account, you saw this tweet yesterday. The WiX v3.5.2325.0 release is the first v3.5 build with zero open bugs. That pretty much defines done! So, what is next for v3.5?

First, download this build of WiX v3.5. I know it’s only been a month since the Halloween RC and you just got done upgrading. However, I believe this build has very good odds of being the final WiX v3.5 build. We’re just going to sit in escrow for a month or watching for that show stopper bug.

Second, file any bugs you hit in WiX v3.5. Now do not be surprised if the bug gets moved to WiX v3.6 or later. We’re looking for showstopper bugs. The bugs that hose key scenarios with no workaround. Of course, the key areas where there might be showstoppers are in IIS7 and Visual Studio 2010 integration since that’s where we’ve done most bug fixing in the last six months.

Finally, spread the word. WiX v3.5 escrow arrived faster than I anticipated because the crew did some amazing work (especially, Eric) and our bug incoming rate remained stable. In fact, I expect that if we don’t find any major showstopper issues then we could declare WiX v3.5 Production quality in 6 - 8 weeks.

There you have it. WiX v3.5 escrow release with a possible final release around the New Year. Download it now and get coding! You know I am… ;)