Kid Beyond's Amplivate blows my mind.

Okay, last week I posted a video of Jonathan Coulton and Kid Beyond. I had never heard of Kid Beyond before but his beatbox skills impressed me so much that I immediately ordered the album.

Well, the album showed up yesterday afternoon. I ran up to my office, popped it into my computer, ripped the CD and let it sync down to my Zune. I listened to the album while answering emails for a bit before going to bed. But it wasn’t until I was on the bus this morning with my headphones jacked in that I really came to appreciate Amplivate. When Mothership came on, I it cranked up and started bobbing my head to the beat with a huge grin on my face.

Seriously, the only criticism I have of the album is that it isn’t a full length album. It’s an EP with 4 original songs and 4 remixes. I would love 8+ more songs to go with original 4 that were so awesome.

I think the part that impresses me most is that he creates the music from scratch. Remember, this album (at least the first 4 songs) are created solely by Kid Beyond’s beatbox, rap and midi loop skills. All of the sounds come out of his mouth then he loops them to create the music.

Want to see it happen live? Watch him build up Mothership below before he drops into the lyrics.

And for the geeks out there watch Kid Beyond describe the creation of “Deep Inside”.