WiX v3.5 UI library supports 30+ languages.

There was a small change made to the WiX Toolset recently that added dialogs to the WixUI library that are shown when patching. That part of the change was straight forward, the tricky part was that the dialog needed to support all the existing languages or the patch UI could come up in a different language (English) than the initial install.

Fortunately, the Office Communications Server team (who was adding the patch dialog) was willing to localize the dialogs in all languages they support, 30+ of them. That’s good news but there is some bad news.

When the .wxl files were delivered by the OCS localization team everything was localized. Yes, I know that was the point. The problem was the WiX toolset already had some .wxl files contributed by native speakers from around the world and the new strings rarely matched the old strings. I’m only fluent in English so I could only compare the strings at the character level.

So I had to decide what to do with the existing strings and the new strings. Fortunately, the WiX Working Group has a few multi-lingual members so they spot checked the localization. In the end, the told me that the localization from the OCS team (in the languages they could understand) seemed to be a bit more consistent when viewed as a whole. So I made the judgment call and decided to use the .wxl files from the OCS team.

If you contributed to the WiX localization effort in the past, I am very interested in your analysis of the .wxl file in your language. If there are changes that would improve the localization, please file bugs or send email to the “wix-devs at lists.sourceforge.net” mailing list so we get those incorporated.

Finally, I want to thank the Office Communications Server team and especially Mike Holcomb for providing the patch dialogs and contributing localizations for over 30 languages. The list follows:

  1. ar-SA
  2. bg-BG
  3. ca-ES
  4. cs-cz
  5. da-dk
  6. de-de
  7. el-GR
  8. en-us
  9. es-es
  10. et-EE
  11. fi-FI
  12. fr-fr
  13. he-IL
  14. hi-IN
  15. hr-HR
  16. hu-hu
  17. it-it
  18. ja-jp
  19. kk-KZ
  20. ko-KR
  21. lt-LT
  22. lv-LV
  23. nb-NO
  24. nl-nl
  25. pl-pl
  26. pt-BR
  27. pt-PT
  28. ro-RO
  29. ru-ru
  30. sk-SK
  31. sl-SI
  32. sr-Latn-CS
  33. sr-La
  34. sv-SE
  35. th-TH
  36. tr-TR
  37. uk-ua
  38. zh-CN
  39. zh-HK
  40. zh-tw