I'm am so frustrated right now.

We should have had WiX v3.5 with Burn done two months ago. Instead, my focus is split on two releases. WiX v3.5 is inching toward completion and painfully late for all those WiX users trying to migrate to VS2010. For me Burn in WiX v3.6 consumes every minute of afterhours programming.

All the while, more people show up to complain that the toolset is too complicated. I feel trapped delivering functionality a year (or more) late while two year old ideas on how to create a better future scratch at the back of my eyes.

I promised that I’d deliver WiX v3.6 code complete by September. However, the ever lingering bugs in WiX v3.5 make me wonder if I should drop all that to focus on finishing WiX v3.5. Another part of me thinks I should drop all this “legacy” junk and move to a clean world on VS2010, NETFX 4.0 and start building the antithesis of complicated (I’ve called it “Six” or “WiX PX” or “WiX Lite”) that was prototyped a year or more ago.

But I won’t break my promises so nothing will really change.

Ultimately, I just feel like I’m 3/4 of the way on everything. It is all coming together well but everything is time sliced in so fine, so minutely that progress is painfully slow.

That leaves me incredibly frustrated.