WiX v3.5 Final Build.

WiX v3.5 escrow has been a bit bumpier than I would have liked. We started with the Thanksgiving Day build. Then we had the end of December build that seemed for sure to be the last one. In the end, we did one more build today. The changes were small so we're only going to sit on this build for a week or so. We're really down to the wire. You know what to do, right?

Download, please.

The last two bugs taken were to fix some typos in the zh-HK WiX UI localization file and re-add the setupbld.exe to the MSI that were accidentally removed when ClickThrough was pulled out. Neither of these changes changed any code and we haven’t take a bug fix in quite a while, so WiX v3.5 feels done.

Please, integrate the WiX v3.5.2519.0 build into your build process and let us know. In a week or so, that build could very well declared “Production”.