Pentatonix - make up videos for the last few weeks.

Happy Thanksgiving Day! I hope you have much to be thankful for.

This year I added a very healthy baby to my list. He’s the reason there haven’t been any WiX Working Group videos this month. To make up for it, I’ve collected 12 videos of an impressive group of singers bringing techno to a cappella. I don’t really watch TV but this season’s Sing Off introduced the Pentatonix. If you haven’t been following them, I encourage you to watch all episodes from this season. Their final song is outstanding and the build up is awesome.

You might wonder why I think so highly of the Pentatonix. There are three reasons.

  1. They sound awesome. Seriously. Electronic a cappella.
  2. They do something I cannot do. I can’t sing. Not even a little bit. I generally admire people that are awesome at things I suck at.
  3. They care about doing well. This is the most important. Based on what’s shown, it is very clear that the whole group always wants to put their best performance forward. This I can relate to.

Now on to the videos. It’s the 4th performance where the Pentatonix lock their sound in and absolutely kill it in week 5. IMHO, it’s clearly over for the contenders by their final performance.

Random note: since their 8th performance was just after Bradley was born, Jenny has been singing “Stuck On You” to him regularly. Fortunately, unlike me, Jenny can actually sing.