Delay uploading WiX v3.6 to SF.net.

In the last few weeks, SourceForge apparently was attacked and they feared the passwords of all users were divulged. To protect everyone, SourceForge required all accounts to re-activate via a link sent through email or answering a secret question. This caught us off guard because we forgot the email address of the SF account used to manage the WiX SourceForge web site and releases page and there was no secret question. The result, WiX v3.6 builds are not being released.

I am working on getting everything sorted out. Unfortunately, SourceForge is refusing connections to the shell servers (I have a support ticket out) so that is hampering my immediate efforts to fix things.

Given all of this, I’m toying with the idea of finally moving everything to http://wixtoolset.org. I don’t really time to do that right now but I don’t really have time to deal with SourceForge either. Dilemma defined.