WiX toolset builds moving to Mondays.

Since the beginning, or at least as long as I can remember, WiX toolset builds were released on Fridays. Friday seemed like as good a day as any. It was at the end of the week, so it would have whatever contributions were made that week. Plus everyone looks forward to Fridays. Well, starting this week we're moving the build to Monday.

We're moving to Mondays because it takes work to take a drop of the WiX toolset. You install it or download and check it into your build system then kick off a build. Depending on the size of your product that completes in minutes to hours to a day later (I feel for you if you have a multi-day build). After the builds are done and you do some amount of sanity tests, the WiX toolset build of that week can be checked in.

That's a lot to do on a Friday. I don't know about you but if I start something on Friday and can't finish it, I think about the remaining work over the weekend.

Anyway, all that is a long way to say that we're moving the WiX toolset builds to Mondays for no particular reason other than it seems like a good idea. I'm sure at least a couple of you are thinking that we need a continuous integration system or something. I wouldn't disagree.

In WiX v3.7, we'll be doing a major overhaul to our build system to make it better in all ways. It has grown organically over the last decade. It needs a serious scrubbing and re-imagination taking into account all the latest best practices technology.

In the meantime, look for the WiX builds on Mondays and keep coding. You know I am!

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